Native-English Virtual Assistants

United States, Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa Contract Allows remote

NOTE THIS IS A REMOTE OFFER - WE WILL ACCEPT VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS FROM THE FOLLOWING NATIVE-ENGLISH COUNTRIES - US, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA OR SOUTH AFRICA., the world's fastest freelance marketplace, is looking for VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS (preferably with EXCEL & strong RESEARCH EXPERIENCE) to join our network of talented freelancers. Speedlancer works on a per-task basis. As a task comes in, it is sent to our network of VAs. Each VA in the network is free to review the task and decide if it suits them; if it does, they must 'compete' to accept the task before anyone else, as only one VA may deliver each task. Upon acceptance, the task must be delivered within 4 hours. 

Payment is on a per-task basis. Customers are free to choose a price they feel is reasonable, and therefore our VAs are not compelled to accept tasks that they do not feel is good value for their time and effort. However, tasks typically pay out in the order of $20-40. Again, this may vary depending on the task.

Note that we have a small but dedicated team of VAs in the early stages of launching this VA category, and hence you can expect to have access to the tasks you want without being overwhelmed by competition. We are looking for reliable, talented VAs, who have some extra capacity to try something new and accept tasks as they come in. Although you do not have to accept a task if you do not feel it is good value for your time and effort, there is an expectation that an effort is made to accept as many tasks are you are capable of doing as they come in, otherwise you may be suspended for inactivity.

Speedlancer is a startup company and the VA category is in beta at the moment. Please expect task volumes to be sporadic.


Desired skills & expertise:

  • Reliability
  • Native English (from US, Canada, UK, Australia or South Africa)
  • Ability to stick to deadlines
  • Smart, proficient with Excel and online research. Loves going above and beyond to help others.
  • Friendliness
  • Willingness to try new things